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Spyro: A New World
It felt like a lifetime since his last vacation. Spyro, a young adolescent dragon with purple scales and eyes, yellow-orange spinal fin, horns, and wings with red membranes, finally had some time to relax after his latest victory against the dragon egg-snatching witch, The Sorceress. Spyro’s best friend, a glowing yellow dragonfly named Sparx, was happily relaxing with him at the beautiful seaside resort Dragon Shores.
Spyro took a deep breath of the salty sea air, gazing past the whitish-tan beach and into the transparent, sapphire-blue ocean, the sun in the pale blue sky glimmering on the waves. “This feels great, huh Sparx? I could relax like this all day…” He sighed, lying on his back in a red fold-out chair. Sparx buzzed in agreement, contently sitting on the end of Spyro’s wing.
Spyro soon yawned, the warmth of the sun bathed on his scales lulling him to sleep. As he drifted into a deep slumber, Spyro began to dream. Lately, many of his dreams had been similar to one another. The environment he was usually in looked like a temple, fields of emerald green grass surrounding the Japanese-style buildings and steppingstone trails. A circular pond lined with white rocks resided behind the main building, three stone lanterns placed in a semi-circle around it. Majestic, snow-capped mountains could be seen in the distance behind the temple walls.
The whole scene of the dreams didn’t seem strange to Spyro; he had seen many different realms on his heroic journeys, so it was nothing new to the small purple dragon. The one thing he couldn’t understand was the creatures in the area. He had never seen any kind of being like them, and there were three of them. Based on their voices and behavior, he decided that one was a boy and the other two were girls.
These strange creatures almost reminded Spyro of his friend Elora, a brown-furred fawn that had black hooves and a short deer tail. But these beings didn’t have hooves and weren’t covered with fur like she was; they had shoes covering their feet and the only kind of fur they had was on their head, ears, and tail.
The boy had short, light brown hair and bright green eyes. His skin was pale, and he wore a short-sleeved navy blue jacket with a black hood and pocket, dark denim jeans, and gray shoes. He also had silver wolf ears and medium-length tail. The two girls referred to him as Howl, but sometimes called him ‘Onii-san’.
The taller of the two girls had shoulder-length, glossy black hair and deep blue eyes. Her skin was a light peach color, and she wore a pink spaghetti-strap tank-top, blue jeans, and black fuzzy boots up to her calf. She had black cat ears and a long, slender tail. She was often called Pantera by the other two, and also ‘Nii-chan’ on occasion.
The shorter girl had jaw-length, messy blond hair and greenish-blue eyes. Her skin was fair, and she wore a green long-sleeved shirt, gray sweatpants with a drawstring, and sky blue sneakers. She had orange fox ears and a white-tipped, fluffy tail. The other two called her Vixen, but was sometimes called ‘Nii-chan’ by Howl and ‘Onii-chan’ by Pantera.
Howl, Pantera, and Vixen always greeted Spyro once he entered the dream. “Hello again, Spyro!” Vixen happily told him. Pantera and Howl stood beside her, Howl on the left and Pantera on the right. Spyro smirked. “Hey Vixen, Howl, Pantera. What’s up?” He greeted back. Pantera put her hand on Vixen’s shoulder. “Onii-chan, maybe we should finally tell him why we’ve been dream-summoning him lately. He seems to trust us enough now.” She whispered.
Vixen nodded and looked at Spyro seriously. “Spyro, we’ve been calling you here in your dreams because we need your help,” She began. “Monsters from a realm called Purgatory have somehow found their way into ours and are threatening the stability of our world. We have also been aware of your abilities since before your triumph against Gnasty Gnorc.” Howl explained.
“You hold powers similar to ours, but with the form you are currently in, they are restrained.” Vixen added to Howl’s explanation. Pantera moved her tail slightly. “We’re sorry to ask you this so early in your vacation, but will you help us defeat these monsters?” She pleaded.
Spyro sighed. “I had a feeling my vacation wouldn’t last long…” Then he smiled with a flap of his wings. “But, that’s the life of a hero, so sure! I’ll help you!” He cheerily responded. Vixen smiled. “Thank you, Spyro. Now, there is only one way to get into our realm—” She started to explain before Spyro chimed in. “Okay, so do you know where the portal is? I could easily find it if—” He was cut off by Howl, who was a bit annoyed at Spyro for interrupting Vixen. “There is no permanent portal. Our world has never had any connection to the dragon realms unless we create a temporary portal in a body of water.” Howl pointed out.
Pantera pointed over to the circular pond. “That pond is called The Blue Moon Pool. Howl, Vixen, and I send part of our power into those three lanterns to activate the portal. Once we choose a realm and a body of water, the moon in that realm will turn blue, opening the portal for a bit.” She informed Spyro. He nodded. “Alright, got it. When are you going to open the portal? I’m guessing it’ll open in the ocean at Dragon Shores.” Spyro asked.
Vixen chuckled. “That’s exactly where it’ll be, since your physical self is there. And it should be open once you wake up, so be prepared.” She replied. Vixen opened her mouth to say more, but Spyro cut her off. “Okay. Well, I’ll wake up then, so I don’t miss the blue moon. See you!” Spyro said before he vanished from the dream. Howl looked at Vixen, who had put her palm to her forehead. “Do you think we should’ve told him about the transformation he might go through…?” He questioned. Vixen sighed. “I was about to, but he was so eager that he woke up before I could!” Pantera giggled a bit.
Soon, Spyro heard Sparx frantically buzzing close to his head. He opened his eyes to find Sparx up in his face, his bright glow stinging Spyro’s eyes. “Ouch, Sparx! Your light is hurting my eyes!” Spyro groaned, squeezing his eyelids shut and beginning to sit up. Sparx shifted out of Spyro’s face as Spyro opened his eyes once more. It was dark out now, the sky a midnight blue and the sea as black as coal.
Sparx continued his panicked whirring as Spyro looked at the sky. “The moon’s blue!” He uttered as he shot up. “C’mon, Sparx! We have a new adventure ahead of us!” He called as he darted towards the now-glowing ocean. Sparx droned in confusion as he quickly flew after Spyro. “I’ll explain once we get there!” Spyro replied before diving in the water.
Chapter 1
As soon as Spyro reached the sphere-shaped light lying on the ocean floor, he was sucked in by a turbulent whirlpool, Sparx following behind him in a small bubble. Spyro wasn’t afraid of possibly drowning since he discovered he could breathe underwater on his second journey when he fought the ‘Shorty’ villain Ripto. However, his courage started to waver as he felt his body starting to tingle.
Spyro could hear Sparx’s concerned buzz muffled by the swooshing of the water. Sparx and him were getting thrown about like ragdolls in the strength of the vicious current, and Spyro suddenly saw a bright flash of light that seemed to come from somewhere close to him. He had held his breath when he saw it flash, and once it faded, he tried to breathe a bit. But he only ended up swallowing the water and felt like he was choking, beginning to cough only to inhale more water. He also suddenly lost his ability to see underwater, as well. That’s when he really started to panic. “M-my vision’s gone blurry, and I-I can’t breathe…!” He thought frantically, closing his pained eyes.
Just as Spyro felt his chest starting to burn intensely, the current calmed and faded, and his head burst through the surface of the water. He violently coughed, gasping for air and finding himself leaning against a rocky bank. He only knew this from touch since he hadn’t opened his eyes yet. Sparx soon surfaced after him. He took one look at Spyro and immediately buzzed in horror. Spyro fluttered his eyes open to look at him. “What are you talking about, Sparx? I’m right here!” He questioned between breaths.
Sparx hovered inches from Spyro’s face, intently studying his eyes. He jumped back, letting out a high-pitched whirr and buzzing in different tones swiftly. Spyro narrowed his eyes at him. “Huh? What do you mean, I don’t look the same?” He asked. Spyro then heard footsteps, and looked forward to see none other than Pantera, Howl, and Vixen. “So, you do possess the same powers as us.” Pantera blurted.
Spyro looked around, noticing he was in the pond behind the temple in his dreams. He glanced back at Vixen as he stood up, not realizing he was getting up on two legs. “Okay, you never said anything about my underwater abilities disappear—Whoa!” He stumbled forward, looking down at his feet. Vixen and Pantera suddenly blushed and quickly averted their eyes away from him. Howl seemed to be getting agitated, but controlled it. “What the heck?! W-why am I walking on two legs?!” Spyro shouted, looking at his reflection in the pond.
“Well, you see, since you have the same powers as us—” Howl began to explain through clenched teeth, gesturing for Vixen and Pantera to turn their backs to Spyro, but was cut off by Spyro’s shocked yelp. Sparx was right, he didn’t look the same! He looked more like Howl, Pantera, and Vixen!
Spyro’s horns, wings, tail, and spinal fin were still there, but his scales were replaced by light tan skin. He now had short, purple hair, and his eyes had grown a shade darker. He no longer had the body shape of a dragon but seemed more… he couldn’t quite put his finger on what type of creature the others looked like, but he looked like that!
Spyro glanced at his hands before looking back up at the other three. “Why the heck do I look like you guys?!” He questioned quickly, noticing that Vixen and Pantera had their backs turned to him. “Uh! Howl, c-could you explain the reason to him while we go get some clothes for him …?” Vixen stuttered before her and Pantera took off running to the temple. Before they got out of earshot, Spyro heard Pantera harshly whisper to Vixen. “I had no idea the transformation wouldn’t give him clothing!” Then they darted inside.
Spyro tilted his head in puzzlement. “What’s up with them…? Well, whatever, why do I look different, Howl?” He inquired. Howl sighed. “You have the same abilities as us, and therefore when you entered our world, those powers manifested and transformed you into the same form as us,” He answered as he pulled out a brown, ripped-up cloth out of his jacket pocket.
“I had a feeling you wouldn’t transform with clothing on since it only changed your physical body, so put this on until Vixen and Pantera give you an outfit.” Howl tossed the loincloth over to Spyro. “I don’t need you being naked in front of my little sisters.” He told him. Spyro caught and examined the loincloth. “Whoa, they’re your sisters? You three don’t hold any resemblance to each other at all…” He muttered before attempting to put the loincloth on.
After faltering a bit, Spyro managed to pull the loincloth up to his waist, making him decent. Soon, Vixen and Pantera were running back to the pond, Vixen carrying some clothes and a white towel in her arms. They stopped in front of Spyro and Howl, looking at the now half-clothed Spyro in confusion. Pantera pointed to him and the cloth he was wearing. “Where’d that loincloth come from…?” She hesitantly asked Howl. He patted his jacket pouch. “I foresaw something like this happening, so I carried it, just in case.” He answered.
Vixen sighed and stepped up to Spyro. “In any case, these are more modest clothes. Here Spyro, dry off and put these on.” She told Spyro, pulling the towel apart from a black sleeveless shirt and a pair of dark red sweatpants. Spyro stepped forward to take the clothes from Vixen. “Thanks, I gue—wah!” Not used to walking on two legs, Spyro tripped over his own feet and fell onto Vixen. They both toppled over and Spyro landed on top of her.
“Ow… sorry, I’m not used to walking on two legs… are you okay, Vixen?” Spyro asked, pulling away from Vixen a bit, but still on top of her. Vixen blushed even more at the fact that a soaked, half-naked boy was looming over her. “Um…!” She uttered.
Pantera laughed nervously as Howl growled, unable to keep his composure any longer. “Alright, dragon-boy! Get the hell off of her!” He shouted, grabbing Spyro’s right horn and pulling him off of Vixen forcefully. Sparx shook his head, giving out a low buzz as Howl took the towel and clothes from a stunned Vixen, handed them to Spyro, and Spyro dried off and got dressed.

To be continued…
Disclaimer: I do not own Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage, or Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon!!!!

This was inspired by a fan art of a human version of Spyro the dragon that I drew a little while ago. Here it is if you're interested:

The story is based right after the classic first three PS1 Spyro games, but before the PS2 versions. I tried to make it teen-rated, and also have a little anime/manga feel to it, since the fan art is drawn in that style and I'm really only good at those kinds of stories. :iconsweatplz:

Here are the deviants whom the three OC's are based on;

Howl: :iconwolf12832:

Pantera: :iconkinomihyuuga:

Vixen: :iconmitsuko-kitsune: (me)
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Going to do the next Chapter, soon?
mitsuko-kitsune Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist
Yeah, I just gotta figure out how it's going to go. I was thinking that Spyro can now control fire by not just breathing it, but manipulating it. And he also needs to learn how to fly in his new form, so the next chapter will probably start out as the four of them training and some of the Purgatory monsters randomly attack. Of course, Spyro helps fight the monsters alongside Howl, Vixen, and Pantera, with a bit of difficulty controlling his new abilities. If you have any other ideas, let me know and I'll add them. :D
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